We comply with the general travel conditions.


Additional terms

The tour operator has the right to supplement and specify the general pre-packaged travel conditions with additional conditions that must not conflict with the general pre-packaged travel conditions to the passenger’s detriment.



The travel reservation is binding when the customer has accepted the offer and paid the reservation fee.

In connection with travel reservations and their changes, a service fee of €20/person.

When the trip is booked at least 30 days before departure, a booking fee is charged, which is 100-400 €/person, or if the booking includes flights, the fee is higher. The due date of the advance invoice/payment is immediately.

The final invoice (min. reservation fee) is due 15 days before the start of the trip. If there are less than 30 days to the start of the trip, the entire trip is paid at once.

Payment can be made by bank transfer or payment card. We will send a payment link if necessary.


Cancellations made by the customer

Cancellation no later than 28 days before the start of the trip: €100/person will be charged as office costs.

Cancellation 14-28 days before the start of the trip: an advance payment will be charged as cancellation costs

Cancellation 2-14 days before the start of the trip: 50% of the trip price will be charged

Cancellation <2 days before the start of the trip: 100% of the trip price will be charged.

Regardless of the cancellation time, the travel agency has the right to demand full compensation for the expenses incurred by the travel agency, such as non-cancellable services (e.g. flights, accommodation, event tickets).


Changes in travel arrangements

We reserve the right to make changes if changes come after the travel has been approved by the airline, transport companies, accommodation companies or event organizers, etc. We will try to arrange at least a similar service instead. You will be informed about changes immediately.

If we have to cancel the service, e.g. due to too few participants in the excursion, the customers will get 100% of their money back.


If the need for change comes from the customer, then it is worth taking into account the change fees (service providers’ and travel agency’s service fee) and the possible price difference at the new time, if changes are possible. We try to use prices for different services with the possibility of change and cancellation. The customer is always informed about what The price range allows.

Services not used during the trip will not be refunded.


Trip interruption

We will not reimburse the actual expenses incurred by the tour operator. We strongly recommend taking out adequate insurance coverage for the trip. You can also get insurance through us.




1. Scope
1.1. General ready travel conditions

These terms and conditions apply to ready-made trips lasting more than two days, which have been procured mainly for private purposes, which include at least transport and accommodation, which are sold or offered for sale in Finland and whose organizer has a place of business in Finland. Accommodation is also considered accommodation in a family.

1.2. Additional terms

The tour operator has the right to supplement and specify the general ready-made travel conditions with additional conditions, which must not conflict with these general conditions to the detriment of the passenger.

1.3. Special conditions

The tour operator has the right to use special conditions deviating from these terms and conditions, if the use of special conditions can be justified due to the special nature of the trip, exceptional regulations regarding the mode of transport (such as reservation and sales conditions for scheduled flights), exceptional accommodation conditions resulting from the special nature of the trip, or special conditions of the destination. The special conditions must not be in conflict with the Packaged Travel Act, to the detriment of the passenger.

The tour operator, who applies special conditions in cancellation cases and charges the passenger the actual cancellation costs based on them, must, if necessary, provide an explanation of how they are allocated to the different parts of the trip.

2. Package travel contract and responsibility for the implementation of the contract
2.1. The tour operator is responsible for the passenger that the finished trip is in accordance with the contract. The liability also applies to the services of the business operators used by the tour operator to fulfill the contract (for example transport companies and hotels).

2.2. The travel agent is responsible in the same way as the tour operator for the information given to the traveler and the fulfillment of the contract. However, such responsibility does not arise for the broker if the traveler knows who the tour operator is when entering into the contract and that only he is responsible for fulfilling the contractual obligations.

2.3. Before concluding the contract, the passenger must be given information on whether the tour operator or travel agent has set up the deposit referred to in the act on ready-made travel shops and whether the deposit covers the offered trip.

2.4. The passenger can fulfill his notification obligation according to these terms and conditions by contacting either the tour operator or the broker.

Notification of a complete distance error must be done in section 13.4. in accordance with.

2.5. Content of the agreement

The trip includes the services and arrangements that have been agreed upon between the passenger and the tour operator. When evaluating the content of the agreement, everything written in advance is taken into account