Visit to microbrewery La Lluna



We drive to Alcoy to the Cerveses Lluna microbrewery.

At the small brewery, a guided tour of beer production awaits you, with 4 different beers and tapas to try. The brewery also has various products to purchase. A beer expert will also be on this trip, so there will be plenty of stories to enjoy about beer.

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The visits are on Saturdays.

Duration: Approx. 5 hours

Price: 35 eur/person this is a brewery tour for 5-8 people.

Included in the price: Air-conditioned minibus ride, driver/guide, guided brewery tour with tasting, VAT

Remember to bring: Suitable clothing according to the weather, camera/phone

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Birth of Rio Mundo



We are heading towards Riópar in the province of Albacete. On the way you can admire the wonderful mountain scenery. The journey takes about 3 hours to Riopar Natural Park, where we will visit Nacimiento del Río Mundo and Los Chorros del Río Mundo, the place where the Mundo River is “born”.
We do a short hike of approx. 6.5 km from the parking lot (round trip total) and see, in addition to high mountains, one of the finest waterfalls in Spain. Especially in the spring, it’s a great sight when the meltwater flows down from the openings of the rock cave, a mountain about 1000 m high (above sea level). Remember to bring your camera! We eat lunch before the hike. The hike is quite easy, but you should bring good shoes.

On the way back, we stop in the village of Riópar or Peñarrubia to eat a 3-course lunch and taste the authentic flavors of Castile-La Mancha. Maybe you also want to buy some local products for home.

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Route: Torrevieja (surroundings) – Riópar – Torrevieja

Duration: approx. 10h (departure at 8:00 a.m. and return at approx. 6:00 p.m.)
Price: 60eur/person, this is a group trip for 5-8 people
Included in the price: Car ride in a new air-conditioned minibus, driver/guide, snack, lunch (3-course menu with drinks), VAT
Remember to bring: Shoes and clothes suitable for hiking (note: the temperature in winter is close to zero in the morning), sunglasses, cap, phone/camera

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La Liga: Elche CF Football season 2022-23


Itinerary: Departure from Torrevieja and its surrounding areas, arriving at Elche CF’s home stadium, Estadio Manuel Martinez Valero, about 1-2h before the start of the game. In top matches, the stadium (capacity approx. 34.000) is usually full and it is good to be there well in advance. The distance is about 45min each way. Tickets for the match come through us and seats are not always next to each other, but we always try our best.

Reserve your tickets as soon as possible as football matches are popular and get fully booked quickly. Depending on the demand we travel either in minibus or with a big bus. The stops will also be informed/agreed upon.

Note! The matchday may be postponed because clubs can change the match date, for example. a game marked for Sunday could be transfered to a Friday or Monday. The matchday and start time are confirmed no later than about 10 days before. Tickets for the matches do not go on sale until shortly before the match date, so the final price of the match trip will then be confirmed, and it will only be invoiced after that.

Match Date / Opponent

22.8. -UD Almeria

27.8. -Real Sociedad 

11.9. -Athletic Bilbao

9.10. -RCD Mallorca

19.10. -Real Madrid

30.10. -Getafe

9.11. -Girona

8.1. -RC Celta Vigo

22.1. -Osasuna

5.2. -Villareal CF

19.2. -RCD Espanyol

26.2. -Real Betis

12.3. -Real Valladolid

2.4. -Barcelona

23.4. -Valencia CF

30.4. -Rayo Vallecano

14.5. -Atletico Madrid

24.5. -Sevilla

4.6. -Cadiz

Duration: 4-5h

Price: by agreement (depending on ticket price)

Included in the price: Transfers and tickets to the game.

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Visit the traditional winery Bodegas Faelo



Visit the well-known Faelo winery in Elche, where you will learn about its history, family traditions and methods of winemarking, including wine tasting and an home made tapas lunch. There are many wines and products available at their shop.

Bodegas Faelo

This family-owned winery has more than 100 years of tradition in winemaking and it is situated in Matola, south of Elche.  Before 2000, Bodegas Faelo wine would not bottle in-house, and was only sold in bulk, but Jaime Soto, owner of Bodegas Faelo, along with his father, decided to combine tradition and technological advances in winemaking. As winegrowers, Bodegas Faelo respect the natural environment and traditions, as well as biodynamic and selected viticulture, taking care of their vineyards in a natural way, avoiding pesticides and fungicides as far as possible. This is  “Bodegas Faelo Selected Viticulture” philosophy.

The winery is located in a typical country house or “faeneta” with more than 100 years of history. Towards the end of September, the winery celebrates a harvest festival called “Fiesta de La Verema”, where you can, among other things, trample grapes in the traditional way, as the first generation did more than 100 years ago using the same equipment.

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25.9. harvest party (*full)

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Route: Torrevieja (and surroundings) – Elche – Torrevieja

Duration: Approx. 4h

Price: 50 eur/person, this is a group trip for 5-8 people
Included in the price: Air-conditioned minibus ride, driver/guided winery tour with wine tasting and gastronomic experience  (Visita Experiencia Gastronómica Tapas y Vinos), VAT

 25.9. Admission to the Harvest Festival (Fiesta Verema) including food, wine and activities, duration of the excursion approx. 5h, event price 70 eur/person.

Remember to bring: Suitable shoes and clothes, sunglasses, cap/hat, phone/camera

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Bodegas Faelo ja Huerto del Cura



Suuntaamme kohti tunnettua Faelon viinitilaa Elcheen, johon on vajaan 1 tunnin matka Torreviejasta. Vierailuun kuuluu opastettu kierros tilalla sekä viinien maistelut artesaani tapas-annosten kera. Tilan kaupasta voit myös ostaa tuotteita kotiin vietäväksi. Viinitilavierailun jälkeen menemme vielä Huerto del Curaan, suojeltuun palmulehtoon Elchessä.

Bodegas Faelo

Perheomisteisella viinitilalla on yli 100 vuoden perinteet viininvalmistuksessa. Nyt on meneillään neljäs artesaaniviininviljelijöiden sukupolvi Matolassa Elchen eteläpuolella.  Vielä vuoteen 2000 asti tilan viiniä ei pullotettu tilalla vaan se myytiin irtotavarana, mutta nykyomistaja Jaime Soto päätti isänsä kanssa yhdistää perinteet ja nykytekniikan viinintuotannossaan. Siitä viinitilan filosofia “Bodegas Faelo Selected Viticulture” sai alkunsa.

Viinitila sijaitsee tyypillisessä maalaistalossa tai “faenetassa”, jolla on yli 100 vuoden historia. Syyskuun alkupuolella tilalla vietetään “Fiesta de La Verema” nimistä juhlapäivää, jolloin voi tallata viinirypäleitä perinteiseen tapaan, kuten ensimmäinen sukupolvi teki yli 100 vuotta sitten.

Huerto del Cura -maailmanperintökohde Elchessä

Faelon tilalta menemme vielä tähän tunnettuun palmulehtoon, joka on todellakin näkemisen arvoinen paikka. Kun näet Huerto del Cura -puiston kasvikokoelmat, patsaat ja eläimet, tulet huomaamaan kuinka ainutlaatuinen paikka maailmassa tämä on.


Meillä on 1.1.2022 tapahtuvassa arvonnassa palkintona pullo pakkauksineen fondillón -viiniä vuodelta 1972, arvo n.400eur.

Lue lisää arvonnan säännöistä FB-sivuiltamme! (lyhyesti: seuraa FB-sivuamme ja tilaa uutiskirje, niin olet mukana arvonnassa)

Seuraava retki 15.12. (Tilausmatka=Täynnä)

Reitti: Torrevieja (ympäristö) – Elche – Torrevieja

Kesto: n. 5h
Hinta: sopimuksen mukaan, tämä on ryhmämatka 5-8 hlölle
Sisältyy hintaan: Autokyyti uudella ilmastoidulla minibussilla, kuski/opastus, viinitilakierros ohjelmineen ja gastronominen elämys (Visita Experiencia Gastronómica Tapas y Vinos), pääsyliput Huerto del Cura -puistoon, alv
Muista ottaa mukaan: Sopivat kengät ja vaatteet, aurinkolasit, lakki, puhelin/kamera

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Spa visit to Balneario de Archena


Itinerary: The trip starts at 9:00 from Torrevieja and the surrounding areas. Spa Balneario de Archena is located on the Murcia side and is about 1 hour away from Torrevieja. This thermal spa is one of the oldest in Spain and offers healthy mineral water with various treatments. It is also possible to enjoy a snack or lunch in the spa’s restaurant or bar. So you can spend 3 hours relaxing in the spa before the return trip to Torrevieja.

With a day ticket (SPA Thermal Pools), you can enjoy the indoor and outdoor swimming pools, where you can relax surrounded by nature and enjoy the thermal water, which activates blood circulation and relaxes the body. This spa is also child friendly, including pool with a slide and a flowing river.

Through us you have access to various activities. See the photo gallery and /activities/

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Duration: Departure at approx. 9:00 and return at approx. 15:00 (6h)

Price: 50eur/person, this is a group trip for 5-8 people

Included in the price: Air-conditioned minibus ride, driver/guide, spa day ticket, VAT

Remember to bring: Suitable clothing, towel, swimsuit, swimming cap, sandals, small lock for the lockers ( If you wish you can buy a swimming cap and a lock at the spa shop)


It is recommended that you stay in the thermal water for a maximum of 30 minutes at a time. Remember to drink water!

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Visit the Francisco Gomez winery



We head towards the winery in Villena, which is about 1 hour away from Torrevieja. The visit includes a guided tour of the winery and its wine production, as well as wine and olive oil tasting with tasty tapas. The space and its buildings are spectacular thanks to, among other things, numerous works of art and the small cathedral located in the “cave”. It also has its own shop for your purchases.

Bodegas Francisco Gomez

The winery is the most elegant and well-known in the region, and its wines have won numerous awards for its quality. The winery is completely organic in its production. Bodegas FG is one of the three remaining producers of fondillón wine left in the Alicante region and the entire world. Fondillón wine is meticulously selected with a minimum ageing of 10 years, and the process of making it is completely different from a normal wine. In the history books you can find references to this wine as early as the 1400s and 1500s.

Watch the demo video below.


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Route: Torrevieja (surroundings) – Villena – Torrevieja

Duration: 5-6h
Price: 50eur/person, this is a group trip for 5-8 people
Included in the price: Air-conditioned minibus ride, driver/guide, winery tour, VAT
Remember to bring: Suitable shoes and clothes, sunglasses, cap, phone/camera

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Licor43-experience in Cartagena



We head towards Spain’s most famous liqueur factory in Cartagena, which is less than an hour away from Torrevieja. The Licor43 factory has a guided tour (in English) with liqueur tastings. During the tour, you will get to know the factory’s museum and production, as well as get to taste the different flavors of Licor43, such as Original, Ginger43, Horchata and Baristo. In the factory store, you can also buy products to take home with you.

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Route: Torrevieja (ympäristö) – Cartagena – Torrevieja

Duration: n. 4h
Price: 35eur/person This is a group trip for 5-8 people
Included in the price: Car ride with new air-conditioned minibus, driver/guided tour, liqueur factory tour with programs, VAT
Remember to bring: Suitable shoes and clothes, phone/camera

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Canelobre caves in Busot and Turrón factory in Jijona


Itinerary: Departure from Torrevieja area at 9:30 a.m. We visit the Caves of Canelobre (guided tour) and explore the surroundings for about 1,5 hours. Then off to the village of Busot to visit places such as ayuntamiento (townhall), cathedral, museum of ethnic music and castle ruins. Then, lunch at a local restaurant. After lunch a trip to the nearby village of Jijona to visit the Turrón factory and its museum (guided tour that lasts approx. 1h). There is a little shop inside the factory where you can buy some goodies. There is also an opportunuty to go to the top of the village to see the scenery and the castle if wanted.

Caves of Canelobre

The Caves of Canelobre are one of the main tourist attractions in Alicante. They are located at an altitude of 700 meters on the northern slope of the Cabeçó D’Or mountains. Inside the caves you can explore more than 80,000 m2 of space, accessible through a 45-meter tunnel, where water and rocks have created formations such as stalactites, stalagmites, columns, etc. There is a calm atmosphere created by soft music and lighting.

This cave dates back to the Late Jurassic period, which is 145 million years old. Little is known about this cave but the discovery of the caves has been attributed to the Arabs in the 1000s. In the mid-1900s the caves were opened to the public. During the Civil War, they were used as repair shops for Republican Army aircraft, and at that time the access tunnel was drilled.

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Duration: Departure at 9:30 and return at approx. 17:30 (8h)

Price: 60 eur/person. This is a group trip for 5-8 people

Included in the price: Air-conditioned minibus ride, driver/guided tour, tickets (caves+museums), lunch, VAT

Remember to bring: Suitable clothing according to the weather, camera/phone

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Casa Sicilia 1707 and Novelda



Casa Cesilia is a well-known top class restaurant and winery in Novelda, where a guided tour with wine tasting awaits, followed by a full 3 course lunch with various mouth watering options. The visit lasts approx. 3,5h. You can also buy products at the winery shop. After a delicious meal you will be driven to the nearby Santa Maria Magdalena church “a mini Sagrada Familia” and a visit to Novelda Castle.

Restaurant Casa Sicilia 1707 & Bodegas Cesilia

The winery, where Casa Secilia wines are currently made originates from the mansion built by the Marquis of La Romana in 1707: heretat de Cesilia. King Jaume I ordered the “heretats” system to repopulate conquered lands. Heretat was a group of countries united by certain exploitation criteria. It basically consisted of a house, an orchard, and a piece of land intended for the cultivation of grain and vineyards.

In the early 1700’s, the port of Alicante was considered the most strategic commercial point in the region. Wines from this region, which were increasingly prestigious and in demand by the European elite, and therefore were exported in large quantities everywhere . Novelda was the most important city in the region, and the wines of the Vinalopó valley were among the most outstanding wines produced in Alicante.

This country house was bought by the Arias family in 1984, who now have an ambitious winemaking project. Casa Sicilia wines have become a symbol of the Mediterranean, thanks to an interesting combination of tradition, modernity and highly qualified professionals.

Casa Sicilia’s country house, is still located outside the city of Novelda, in the same place where the Marquis of La Romana saw the birth of his “heretat”. It stretches over four areas of Novelda: Alcaydías, Ledua, La Mola and Sicilia, in a valley a short distance from La Mola hill.

Santuario de Santa Maria Magdalena and La Mola castle

The church was designed by the local José Sala Sala and is clearly influenced by La Sagrada Familia (Barcelona), designed by Antonio Gaudí, which is the most spectacular church in Spain and perhaps in the whole world. The medieval castle of La Mola is right next to the cathedral on top of the mountain and you can go up the triangular tower to admire the scenery.



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Route: Torrevieja (and surroundings) – Novelda – Torrevieja

Duration: Approx 6h
Price: 60 eur/person, this is a group trip for 5-8 people
Price includes: Air-conditioned minibus ride, driver/guided tour, winery tour with tasting and a gastronomic dining experience 3 course lunch including 2 drinks, VAT
Remember to bring: Suitable shoes and clothes, sunglasses, cap, phone/camera

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