Nature in natural parks

Nature combines the wild beauty of the mountains Palentina and Picos de Europa on this route

Route I 3days: Cervera de Pisuerga – Fuente Dé

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Days 1-2 (Sun-Mon), Parador de Cervera de Pisuerga

With the waters of the Ruesga basin at the foot and the steep peaks in the background, Parador de Cervera is an ideal base for immersing yourself in the mountains of Cantabria and the stunning scenery of the Fuentes Carrionas and Fuente Cobre Natural Parks. These wild landscapes are a paradise for nature lovers and especially for lovers of hunting and fishing.

Explore the surroundings on a route, such as Roblón de Estalaya, where you will see “El Abuelo,” an exceptionally long-lived oak tree; La Tejada de Tosande, with old 5-6-meter-high berry spruces; or the beautiful path of the Fossil Forest, which is estimated to have forest stands and tree trunks that existed 300 million years ago. A more relaxed option is to take a tourist boat trip on the Canal de Castilla, and try the El Robledal del Oso adventure park, which has fun routes through the woods.

There are also more than a hundred Romanesque temples nearby, from large monasteries to small chapels integrated into the landscape, such as the Santa María la Real Monastery and Museum, the Aguilar de Campoo “galletera”, the Cave Church of Olleros de Pisuerga or the Church of San Juan de Moarés de Ojeda. The Roman villa of La Olmeda, just over 50 kilometers to the south, is also worth a visit.

Day 3 (Tue), Parador de Fuente Dé

There are many opportunities to travel from Cervera to Fuente Dé, all of which guarantee stunning scenery on a winding route of some 80 kilometers. The splendor of the Picos de Europa got that name because it was the first thing the Nordic people who moved to America saw when they returned by boat – one of the most spectacular and beautiful on the Iberian Peninsula – and it impressed travelers.

With an excellent location, the Parador is a great base for exploring this unparalleled natural park. Through the Fuente Dé cable car next to the Parador, we can comfortably ascend the vantage point. There are numerous and varied routes to enjoy the surroundings and small mountain villages such as Mogrovejo. It is also interesting to visit Potes, a village of bridges and towers famous for its own liqueur “orujo”. Lebaniego stew is a great way to recharge your energy when you return from excursions, and you can’t miss the special cave-cured Picón Bejes-Tresviso cheese either.

And if you like adventure sports, then here you can do everything: kayaking, rafting, climbing, mountaineering, snowshoeing, Naranco de Bulnes climbing, horseback riding trails… What do you want to take part in?

An enchanting journey through the history and natural heritage of Extremadura in Cáceres, Plasencia and Jarandilla

Route II 3days: Cáceres – Plasencia – Jarandilla de la Vera

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Nature – 3 nights

Day 1 (Sun), Parador de Cáceres

We start this journey from the city of Cáceres. A unique architectural city that forms one of the most important monumental complexes of the Middle Ages and the Renaissance in the world.

No matter which direction you head for the labyrinth of cobbled streets, there are fortress houses, churches, palaces, or its Roman and Arabic walls. And you’ll be surprised at the Plaza de Santa María, surrounded by Renaissance palaces, or discovering gems such as the Provincial Museum, the Bujaco Tower, the Old Jewish Quarter and Santa María Cathedral. Cáceres is called the “happy city” – its nightlife is famous, and the atmosphere is wonderful. Many places still have a free tapas in practice.

Day 2 (Mon), Parador de Plasencia

The next stop is Plasencia, located in the fertile valley of the Valle del Jerte. The strategic area of ​​Ruta de la Plata (former silver transport route) is a real gift. You will find the remains of a medieval wall, its towers (21 of the original 71 have survived) and its gates. As you walk through Plaza Mayor, the city’s nerve center, and in the town hall tower, you’ll find Abuelo Mayorgan the automatized bell machine built in the 13th century, one of the city’s symbols.

In addition, you will find one of the most representative monumental complexes in the area, consisting of an old cathedral, Romanesque design, and a new cathedral with Gothic and Renaissance elements in beautiful surroundings. The medieval aqueduct of San Antón, the bishop’s palace, the palaces of Mirabel, Carvajal-Girón and Torres, and the convent of San Vicente Ferrer are other places of interest in the city.

Monfragüe National Park and its biosphere reserve, which undoubtedly has a valuable natural heritage, are only about 20 km away. The area between the Tajo and Tiétar rivers is one of the most representative and best-preserved areas of Mediterranean forests and shrubs.
In this wonderful environment, among many other species, there are e.g., the eastern imperial eagle, the black vulture, the forest hawk, the owl eagle, the black heron, and the great griffon vultures.
Likewise, Plasencia is a great base for exploring the Hurdes, Sierra de Gata or Valle del Jerte in the spring, when the cherry blossoms turn the valley white.

Day 3 (Tue), Parador de Jarandilla de la Vera

We head east towards the La Vera region and its special microclimate. The unique Parador de Jarandilla has a special starting point to explore places such as the Monastery of Yuste, where Emperor Carlos V. spent his last days. If you like nature, you can visit wonderful places like Garganta del Jaranda or Garganta de la Olla, where you can take a bath in the natural pools. You can also visit the nearby towns of Valverde and Villanueva.

Lovers of good food can’t leave without trying Torta del Casar, probably the best cheese in the world, a good pata negra ham fed with acorns and red gold: peppers.

Parador-Accommodation prices:

Route prices starting at 315€ for 3 days, and 7 days 715€/2 persons (breakfast is included in the price, dinner 50€/day/2 persons). Flights and car rental to be booked separately. When making a reservation, a booking fee of 100e/person (+flights) will be charged, and the outstanding ammount needs to be paid no later than 15 days before the trip.